With an inclination to creativity born when he was a child, Salvatore Vignola approaches to fashion with a personal and innovative interpretation of concepts and experiences, showing a deep sensibility towards new trends and great classics, that he reinvents and enhances in a fine and original way.


Unexpectedly, at the age of six, the tragic demise of Gianni Versace brings him to discover the mythic figure of fashion designer, getting closer to what will be his personal and professional life path. Some names that influence his style are Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Elsa Schiaparelli and John Galliano, fascinated by the creative power and the stylistic revolutions that each of them brought to the history of fashion.


The scholastic background in architecture and interior design at the Art Institute of Potenza gives him a methodical and meticulous education, with a particular attention to design, inside an extremely stimulating Bauhaus-inspired environment. He’s immediately caught by sculpture and life drawing classes, starting to experience the first contaminations between fashion and art.


His academic career continues in Milan at NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts) with a major in Fashion Design that allows him to develop both artistic and project abilities. One of the most important people during university studies is Benedetta Barzini, iconic former top model and his thesis advisor, wherewith he develops a project about witchcrafts and paganism in 1900’s Lucania. The relation with mrs. Barzini leads him to investigate the rough backgrounds of fashion, like the commodification of woman’s body, and to maintain a close connection with social and cultural importance in his creations.



In 2016, after the triennium at NABA, Salvatore Vignola founds his own label with a great response since the beginning. The collection “Capitello” is chosen as European guest at Spring/Summer 2018 Kazakhstan Fashion Week, and attends WHITE Milano fair in the Archiproducts area, a project that supports and promotes young talents.