SINE PIETATE by Salvatore Vignola combines two themes that belong to two different artistic currents, such as Impressionism and Futurism, which blend elegantly, giving life to a series of items united by a complex and articulated creative research. With the invention of the photo camera the moment is immortalized and made eternal. Even if the impressionist current had anticipated this methodology of instant and faithful reproduction of the image, through the concept of painting “en plain air”. The famous Impressionist snowy landscapes are the starting point of Salvatore's creative scenario, which is inspired not only by their aesthetics and their colors, but is also conceptually linked to the image of ice, freezing and conservation of a significant moment of our life. The connection with the futurist current preserves these "memories" and carries them forward. The volumes of the dresses, the coulisse and the bows bring us back to a nineteenth-century imaginary, while it is evident in some clothes cuts a tribute to Boccioni and his famous sculpture "Unique shapes of continuity in space", symbol of movement and fluidity, reproduced in the garments of the collection. The colors are still inspired by the ice and its nuances, but with the union of a warmer orange tone, which melts and quenches the coldness of the colors. The fabrics match the "futurist" artifice of plastic with the softer naturalness of wool and cotton.